About us…

We are a young company founded in 2014 in order to proudly show knowledge in our field of activity – vineyard and wine production, which is based on the centuries-old wine and winemaking of the Barbenik family, passed from generation to generation. Namely, our Barbenik family is one of the oldest families continuously engaged in winemaking and viticulture in Ilok.

Town of Ilok

Ilok, a town comparable to Hvar itself by the number of sunny days in the year, is located on the southwestern slopes of Fruska Gora; where healthy and fertile land provides the perfect conditions for growing vineyards. And so, do you turn grown grapes into years of experience, working and perfecting your recipe; you will get a real taste of Srijem; the taste of our wine!

We want to share with our dear clients and associates – the care of every vine, the many days spent in the vineyard rows, the song addressed to the grapes; wine cellar care.

We enjoy what we do and are convinced that our pride, the product of our work, our wine – will be recognized because we have given it all the conditions – tradition, knowledge, nature and love.


Promoting the tradition, cultural heritage and values ​​of western Srijem with a glass of fine quality wine, distinctive taste and aroma, at affordable prices.

Our 400 years old Wineceller


Profiling in the wine market and quality assure the growth and development of our small business.


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